Media Fast reflections

First off apologies for not posting this sooner. I actually completed the media fast a few days ago. However because of other commitments I haven’t had a chance to blog for a while.

To those who missed the first blog related to my media fast the aim was to go 24 hours with no media. This was an experiment to see how much reliance I have on media within my life.  The challenge meant going 24 hours without.

NO television
NO radio
NO films
NO video games
NO iPad, iPod
NO web
NO newspapers or magazines

I originally planned on doing the media fast on (09/03/13). this attempt however only lasted 5 hours.  I had a film shoot in the evening and although texting can work for organizing such an event it is often more practical to use Facebook/twitter. This first attempt immediately showed me that I rely on social media, at least for organization purposes.

My second (and successful) attempt took place on the 17/03/13). I made this attempt slightly easier for myself by specifically choosing 24 hours where I knew I would be busy. Aside from the things I had already planned,  I generally found myself doing things I’d been putting off for ages.  I got down to the large pile of washing up, applied for a job I wanted and went for a long run.

I wouldn’t say the 24 hours was hard but it definitely took planning. I’ve got so used to always having access to social media/internet/films and TV that it took me a minute to figure out what else I could be doing with my time.  The majority of my time is spent in front of one form of screen or another. Because most of my screen time is for uni or work this is unavoidable, however doing the 24 hour media fast has shown me that it is beneficial to take time away from the screen in order to refocus.

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