Interactive radio

With the invention of the internet it was predicted that both radio and TV would become niche artforms. Enjoyed by only the most dedicated fans. fortunately both platforms have evolved with the internet age.

Instead of content simply being presented to viewers/listeners it is now expected that content can also be interactive.  For radio this means that presenters are always asking listeners to ring in or join in on conversations on twitter. however as content interactivity is a new concept there is still a lot of room for it to be pushed further.

As part of a uni module we were asked to come up with a new idea to engage radio listeners.  My idea would utilise the power of smart phones. Most smart phones now have the option of video calls. video calls are something which could be used in more ways than just organizing board meetings. For a music show for instance a presenter could ask musicians to video call the show.  The presenter could then select a drummer,guitarist,singer,bassist from the incoming calls (a full band). The quickly gathered band could then do a cover of a well known song.

This would be great for audience interaction.  Using a stations website a live stream could be set up showing the ‘band’ playing their cover. Using hashtags the cover could then be discussed on twitter.

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